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Enchantiva™ - 16-Color Crystal Table Lamp

Enchantiva™ - 16-Color Crystal Table Lamp

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Enchantiva™ - 16-Color Crystal Table Lamp for a Magical Home Ambiance


Introducing our cutting-edge Enchantiva™: 16-Color Crystal Table Lamp, a marvel of modern magic. Immerse your space in an ethereal glow with its high-quality acrylic construction and polished lampshade diamond design.

With a touch of technology, this lamp boasts an array of 16 mesmerizing colors to create an enchanting ambiance that matches your every mood and occasion. From serene relaxation to vibrant celebrations, let the LuminaGlow™ set the perfect tone effortlessly.

Compact yet powerful, this table lamp fits seamlessly into any room with its sleek dimensions of 8.5 cm length, 25 cm breadth, and 8.5 cm height. Whether it's your bedroom, living area, or a magical gathering, let the Enchantiva™ bring a touch of otherworldly charm to your space.

Let your imagination soar as this extraordinary lamp enchants your world.



Enchantiva™ is designed specifically for home decoration and office convenience.

Light up your space with Enchantiva™ - a stunning 16-color crystal table lamp! Enjoy the convenience of touch dimmable design and fast charging, without sacrificing warmth. Let Enchantiva™ bring your space to life!


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